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and after Oprah not narrating it (thank God) I've finally gotten back into flash. A super virus here, and a cracked screen there, looks like I'm back to program in my lair. Ona side note, although it's unlikely that anyone will actually read this, I'm starting to work w/ this Color matching styled engine, the system's pretty damn original, and if I get it all to work out how it should, it'll have a smooth baby's-bottom feel to it.

Screen? Not yet, no art worth showing, and it's kinda hard to get my idea across w/ a few blocks.


2009-02-01 13:55:01 by DawnOfDusk

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Essence of Divinity! (Working Title)

2008-05-04 14:50:01 by DawnOfDusk

Essence of Divinity (Working Title) : The Title to my (our) new RPG

Storyline: Over 3/4 completed, (this 3/4 is being edited)

This isn't going to be a one man job, I got two others, and here they are.

He'll be taking care of the animation.


Morgan King, (He abandoned his NG account)

He's got the music covered.


Myself, I'll be taking care of all of the programming.

Here's what I got so far.

-Walk into battle sequence (Overworld programming done)
-Areas where you are safe from the walk into battle sequence random thing
-Random Enemy spawn (at different locations with different attributes)
-Spawn four characters (all with different appearance and attributes)
-All four characters can attack any of the enemies and kill them.
-The enemies all attack (haven't added the dmg unto the characters yet.)
-The Shop has been completed (check it out here.)
^_(Use Enter,Space,and arrow keys to control)

Need to Add:

-Enemy A.I
-Experience system.
-Saving System.
-Control Schemes (pending)
-Not add, but apply all of the stuff together into one, so I can show some people a demo. =D

And Below is a screenshot of this demo.

These are Duchednier's graphics. Not finished, but this is the bridge for the first town, enjoy (Subject to Change) (Also, the picture lost quality do to resizementness)

Essence of Divinity! (Working Title)

This account

2008-02-22 15:57:18 by DawnOfDusk

Is new. I've had recent accounts, wanted to make a good name though.